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Zoodoo Zoo

Wheelchair Access Zoodoo Zoo

I absolutely love visiting zoos, so of cause we had to visit a zoo while we were in Hobart. We decided on Zoodoo zoo as it was only 20 minutes away by car from Hobart.

Zoodoo zoo was fantastic! It isn’t an overly big zoo, but there was still plenty to see and do. Zoodoo Zoo is wheelchair accessible. When we 1st arrived we walked straight into the ticketing and merchandise shop. To the left then took us into the petting zoo and bird aviary area. They also had a massive play ground in this area, this is where the disabled toilet was located. The disabled toilet was a good size and very clean.

Zoodoo Zoo Safari Wheelchair Access

Not long after we arrived the safari was due to leave. I was very excited to hear the ZooDoo Safari was wheelchair accessible! It is included in the admission price. We lined up waiting for the safari truck, curious on how we are going to get on. For access on to the truck there was a permanent concrete ramp that everyone used to get on the truck. The ramp made the entry onto the truck level so there was only a small bump and gap between the ramp and truck entry. They then put down a small movable ramp for me to access the truck. I was very impressed with their wheelchair access onto the safari truck. It was so simple and basic, and worked a treat.

There wasn’t a huge amount of room to move on the truck, but it would still be suitable for a medium size electric wheelchair. I decided to reverse on as there isn’t any room to turn around once on and then I could face the outside of the truck for the best view.

The safari was so much fun!! We had a ball!! The 1st stop was the emu enclosure. The emus were crazy. We all were given a cup of food to feed the emus. They were certainly not gentle, and ate every peace of food in everyone’s cup. They were very funny, and laughter was coming from every corner of the truck.

The next stop was the zebras. They were not as crazy as the emus, but were still keen for food. The zoo keeper (safari driver) bought around a bucket of food to everyone where the zebars would come and feed while you could pat them. I had never seen a zebra up close before, so that was very exciting.

The last stop was the camels paddock. We could see the camels walking over from the distance, they were so huge and beautiful , and certainly didn’t no anything about personal space. They stuck their heads in and got a good scratch from everyone while munching on some yummy food.

The safari experience was so much fun! I highly recommend it if you visit zoodoo zoo.

Accessible Zoodoo Zoo Encounters

After the safari it was time for the lion encounter. The lion encounter is included also in the admission price. The encounter is fully wheelchair accessible. We were given some prongs with a piece of meat and all feed the lioness through the cage. She was so gentle and beautiful.

Because we love doing encounters so much, we booked in the marmoset encounter.

The marmoset encounter was the only extra encounter we could do, as the others weren’t accessible. The marmosets enclosure wasn’t fully accessible either but they were willing to let us try. It was a bit tricky but with a bit of maneuvering and a little help I was able to get in the enclosure. There were 2 doors we had to get through to get inside, it was fairly small and there wasn’t a lot of room to move. Thankfully my wheelchair is only small and I managed ok but I did have a bit of trouble getting over the little lip and turning.. Once inside the enclosure we were fine.

The marmosets were so cute and curious. They loved the wheelchair, and were investigating it from top to toe. They were jumping around everywhere and chewing on live meal worms.

I really loved meeting these cute little monkeys and highly recommend anyone who would like to meet them to give it a go. A smaller size wheelchair would be most suitable for this encounter due to the sharp turn between the 2 gates to get into the enclosure.

The remaining areas of the zoo are all wheelchair accessible. I had to go off road at times but this wasn’t a problem in my electric wheelchair. Zoodoo zoo was very wheelchair friendly. The staff were all lovely and very helpful. The zoodoo zoo at Richmond in Tasmania is a must see while in Hobart.

In my opinion I give Zoodoo Zoo 4.5 for wheelchair accessibility, and a 4.5 star for the overall experience

wheelchair access rating 4.5

* I was not financially compensated for this review. The review is based on my own opinion and personal experience.*