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Are you looking for a Wheelchair Accessible Hire Car during your holiday? We can help!

We understand how important it is to get out and about during your travels. A Wheelchair Accessible Hire Car enables travellers the freedom of getting around easily and comfortably in their own wheelchairs.

At Wheelie Accessible Adventures, we work with suppliers across Australia that offer accessible vehicle hire that can accommodate passengers and their wheelchairs. Accessible Vehicle Rental locations include, but not limited to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Cairns and Hobart.

Accessible Modified Vehicles include ramp or lift access with tie-down points / restraints to secure wheelchairs safely in place while travelling.

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Why book through us?

At Wheelie Accessible Adventures we understand the importance of accessible transport and being able to get out and about during your holiday.. When booking through us we will work closely with you to help book a suitable vehicle that meets your needs.

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NDIS: Can I use NDIS funding? You may be eligible to use your NDIS funding to fund part or all of your Accessible Vehicle Hire cost. Eligibility to use your NDIS funding is dependent on your plan and if the rental helps meet your plan goals. Please chat with your LAC, Plan Coordinator or NDIS Plan manager directly to discuss if you can use your funding.

Please note, at this time we can only assist NDIS self manage and plan managed participants.