Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These Booking Conditions apply to the person making the booking and all other persons on whose behalf the booking is made. Please read these Booking Conditions carefully. They apply to all bookings made through Wheelie Accessible Adventures.

General Terms & Conditions

  1. Wheelie Accessible Adventures acts as an agent for the supply of goods and/or services provided by, but not limited to, tour operators, transport providers, providers of accommodation and/or other services.
  2. By making a booking through Wheelie Accessible Adventures, you acknowledge and agree that Wheelie Accessible Adventures acts as an agent for the supplier of the goods and/or services, and any dispute you may have shall be directed to the supplier and not to Wheelie Accessible Adventures.
  3. Wheelie Accessible Adventures exercise care in the selection of reputable travel service providers, but we have no control over, or liability for, the products and services provided by suppliers/service providers and we cannot guarantee the performance of any travel service provider. We bear no responsibility if your needs or expectations are not met by the supplier, 
  4. As Wheelie Accessible Adventures is only acting as an agent, we have no liability in respect of the supply of any element of your booking, including any liability for illness, personal injury, death or loss of any kind, delay and inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any provider of travel services or products. We are not responsible or liable for any acts or omissions of suppliers in relation to any travel products or services booked on your behalf. 
  5. Wheelie Accessible Adventures warrants that it is authorised to make bookings and to receive and/or dispense monies on behalf of listed suppliers/service providers.
  6. By booking with Wheelie Accessible Adventures, you authorise us to facilitate travel bookings on your behalf, arrange relevant connections between you and travel service providers, and arrange travel related payments and documents on your behalf.
  7. It is the responsibility of every person making a booking through Wheelie Accessible Adventures to verify for himself or herself the accuracy of the information provided by us on behalf of the suppliers.
  8. Wheelie Accessible Adventures bears no responsibility for additional costs, incidentals, pre-authorisation and/or extra charges payable to the supplier outside of the agreed quote or issued invoice from us. You are responsible for any additional costs, incidentals, pre-authorisation and/or extra charges issued from the supplier.
  9. All bookings made through Wheelie Accessible Adventures are in line with the Disclaimer published on Wheelie Accessible Adventures Website. It shall be the responsibility of all persons making bookings through Wheelie Accessible Adventures to be aware of and agree to these Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer. Any person who does not have ready access to these Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer prior to confirming the booking, a copy of these documents will be provided to them.

Booking Terms & Conditions

  1. Bookings / Booking Deposits / Agent Fees that are invoiced by Wheelie Accessible Adventures must be paid in full within 2 days of the invoice date.
  2. Bookings are not confirmed until full payment or requested deposit has been received and confirmation has been received from supplier.
  3. Booking confirmations will be sent via email once bookings are confirmed by supplier.
  4. Quotes have a validity of 2 days, however, rates/prices are subject to change without notice.
  5. Quoted /Invoiced rates are subject to change without notice until payment has been made in full. Wheelie Accessible Adventures cannot warrant that prices will not change and any increase must be paid by you.
  6. Once you have agreed in writing or completed and returned the issued booking form you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you are also agreeing to the listed travel plans and authorise us to proceed with the booking
  7. Once we have issued an invoice, you are responsible to pay the invoiced amount or booking deposit within 2 days of printed invoice date. A contract will exist between you, Wheelie Accessible Adventures and each of the suppliers, effective from the date printed on your invoice. The terms and conditions of each supplier you have booked with will apply to your booking.
  8. Availability is confirmed by the supplier at the time of quotes and/or invoices being sent. In the case of the product, service and/or accommodation becoming unavailable during this time, Wheelie Accessible Adventures may offer an alternative date, product, service and/or accommodation option.
  9. Wheelie Accessible Adventures bears no responsibility if products, services and/or accommodation availability becomes unavailable before full payment is received and confirmation is received from supplier.
  10. Wheelie Accessible Adventures is not responsible for any incorrect bookings, double bookings or over bookings for any products, activities, facilities or services booked through us.
  11. All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by Suppliers/Service Providers. Supplier terms and conditions can be provided on request.

Cancellation and Refunds

  1. Cancellation fees are subject to supplier terms and conditions as well as Wheelie Accessible Adventures Terms and Conditions listed below. 
  2. All Agent Fees/Service fees are non refundable
  3. Cancellation of confirmed bookings will attract an additional AUD $50 administration fee to be payable to Wheelie Accessible Adventures in addition to the Cancellation Fees of the Supplier. 
  4. All cancellation requests are required in writing via email to admin@wheelieaccessibleadventures.com before the cancellation and/or refunds can be processed.
  5. Wheelie Accessible Adventures will refund funds once funds have been returned and cleared from the supplier.

Experience Oz Tickets

  1. Wheelie Accessible Adventures is affiliated with Experience Oz. Wheelie Accessible Adventures receive a commission for tickets sold through our affiliate link,
  2. Experience Oz may list accessible and non accessible experiences. We do not bear any responsibility if non accessible experiences are purchased through our affiliated link.
  3. All tickets purchased through our Experiences Oz affiliated link are the responsibility of Experience Oz, and all ticket enquires must be directed to Experience Oz or direct with the supplier.
  4. Experience Oz tickets are non refundable and are subject to Experience Oz and Supplier Terms and Conditions.

Agent Consultant Fees/Service Booking Fees

Packages/Itinerary fees

  • Pre organised packages: $100 – $300 per package, depending on package complexity
  • Custom packages/Itinerary: $100 – $600 per package, depending on package complexity 

Accommodation fees

  • No Agent fee on partnered properties
  • Agent Fees for Non- partnered properties: $30 booking fee plus 10% fee of total accommodation cost

Activity/Tour/Experience Bookings fees

  • Self booked online bookings through wheelieaccessibleadventures.com Experience Oz affiliate page includes a 2% booking fee implemented by Experience Oz.
  • All other activity/tour/experience bookings made by us on a clients behalf occur a $10 – $50 agent fee per booking, depending on complexity. 

Equipment Hire agent fees

  • Equipment hire or similar non-partnered: $20 booking fee plus 10% of supplier cost
  • Transport: Car rental or similar: non-partnered $20 booking fee plus 10% of supplier cost
Additional agent fees are quoted at an hourly rate of $30 per hours.

Fees listed are for Wheelie Accessible Adventures agent services only and does not include fees suppliers/service providers charge in addition. 

Amendments to Wheelie Accessible Adventures Terms & Conditions

Wheelie Accessible Adventures reserves the right to make amendments to these Terms & Conditions at any time. 

For further information about Wheelie Accessible Adventures Terms & Conditions or if you have any questions about these Terms & Conditions, please contact us by email at admin@wheelieaccessibleadventures.com