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The Blowhole, Tasmans Arch And Devils Kitchen

Wheelchair Accessible Review

One of my favourite moments during our Tasmania adventure was exploring the Tasman Peninsula. We didn’t have time to stop along the Tasman Peninsula on our way to Port Arthur, but on the drive back to Hobart we decided to stop at some of the must see natural creations along the Tasman Peninsula. We stopped at The Blowhole, The Fossil Bay Lookout, Tasmans Arch and Devils Kitchen. These natural beauties created by mother nature over thousands of years are located not too far apart from each other at Pirates Bay.

Wheelchair Access At The Blowhole

The bush walk to the Blowhole and through to Fossil Bay Lookout is step free and wheelchair accessible, however it is down a dirt track that had inverted speed bumps laid out every few meters,  I’m assuming these were in place to slow down visitors on bikes. The speed bumps certainly slowed me down and were fairly steep in some area.

When we reached the Blowhole we watched as the water smashed the side of the rocks around the cliffs, hoping for the Blowhole to come alive. Even though the Blowhole didn’t erupt while we were there it was still cool to just watch the water splash below. We then moved further down the track to Fossil Bay Lookout, where we nearly got blown away, it was so windy! But fighting the wind was well worth it as the view of the coastline from the Lookout was absolutely breath taking.

There was a staircase which I assumed took visitors down to another Lookout area, but we didn’t worry to much about that, as we were perfectly happy with our amazing view right where we were.

Tasman Peninsula Track The Blowhole
Walking Track Signage
Tasman Peninsula The Blowhole
The Blowhole
Fossil Bay Lookout
Fossil Bay Lookout
Tasman Peninsula Lookout Cliffs
Lookout Cliff Formation

Wheelchair Access At Tasmans Arch And Devils Kitchen

Our next stop was the Tasmans Arch and Devils Kitchen, which are about a 2 minutes drive down the road from the Blowhole. These natural creations were carved out by the Tasman Sea over thousands of years. The Tasmans Arch is located right near the car park, and the Devils Kitchen is a 5 minute bush walk down another dirt track. It wasn’t as windy here and the walk to the Devils Kitchen was very picturesque as it looked over the beautiful mountains. This track didn’t have any speed bumps  which made the walk a lot easier.

We really enjoyed exploring these magnificent creations at Pirates Bay during our Tasmania adventure, and we certainly captured some awesome shots on the go pro.

Tasman Arch
Tasmans Arch
Devils Kitchen

Dog line at Eaglehawk Neck

On our way home we also decided to stop at the Dog line at Eaglehawk Neck. The Dog Line was once guarded by a line of savage dogs to alert the soldiers if convicts tried to escape.across the water from the nearby penal colony. Unfortunately though we had some trouble finding the Dog line, and the only way we could find a way down to it was down a flight of stairs. If you happen to know if there is an accessible way to the Dog line please write in and let me know so I can share it on here. We did find the old Officers Quarters which is now a museum. Being late in the afternoon though the small timber museum was closed, but I believe it is accessible and open 7 days a week and is free of charge.


Tasman Peninsula Natural Attractions


Fossil Bay Lookout
Blowhole Cct, Eaglehawk Neck TAS 7179
Tasman Arch
16/20 Tasmans Arch Rd, Eaglehawk Neck TAS 7179
Devils Kitchen
31 Tasmans Arch Rd, Eaglehawk Neck TAS 7179

In my opinion I give the Pirates Bay Viewing Location spots a rating of 4 for wheelchair accessibility, and 4.5 stars for the overall experience .

wheelchair access rating 4

* I was not financially compensated for this review. The review is based on my own opinion and personal experience.*


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