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Wheelchair Accessibility


On the last day of our WA Adventure we spend the day on Rottnest island. We caught the ferry over to the island with Rottnest Express at 8:45am from Barrack St, Perth. Portable ramps which were placed down by the helpful crew when it was time for me to board. Boarding and disembarking was easy and stress free with complete access. The ferry trip over to Rottnest Island took 2 hours with a quick stop in Fremantle to pickup other passengers. The crew on the Rottest express were all very happy and friendly which lead to a great atmosphere on the ferry, it also included commentary which was handy for us tourists to learn a little info on the local area.

Wheelie Accessible Adventures Rottnest Express
Wheelie Accessible Adventures Rottnest Express Ramp Access
Wheelie Accessible Adventures Rottnest Express Ramp Access. 2

Once on the Rottnest Island we did an accessible Discovery Rottnest island bus tour which I had also booked through Rottnest Express in advance. The bus tour was fantastic, it gave us a chance to see the beautiful island within the comfort of the air conditioned bus. The Discovery Rottnest bus is accessible via a ramp and has a large seating space for a wheelchair. There was plenty of room to move and the tour bus had large glass windows so it was easy to see everything when seated for all passengers. We had a chance to get out and take a quick walk down the step free boardwalk and of cause take a few photos of the amazing views before heading back on the bus.

Wheelie Accessible Adventures Discover Rottnest Tour
Wheelie Accessible Adventures Rottnest Island Access
Wheelie Accessible Adventures Discover Rottnest Tour Views

Rottnest Island is such a beautiful island,  full of sandy white beaches and blue oceans views, but that’s not all, it is also inhabited by the cutest of residents, the quokka. Quokkas roam freely around the Island and we seen a number of these cuties while exploring the Island. Rottnest Island is the only place in the world to see these creatures, so they are very well loved and protected, therefore feeding or touching the quokkas are prohibited, but taking a selfie with them and their cheeky smiles are very welcome!

Wheelie Accessible Adventures Rottnest Island

After our bus tour we spent the rest of the day walking around the Island spotting quokkas. There are a number of free guided walking tours throughout the day run by  the Rottnest Island Voluntary Guides Association. We decided to take the meet the quokka tour, where we learnt lots about the Islands history and quokka behavior. We unfortunately missed out seeing the museum as the main entrance is not accessible and I had to use the back entrance so we decided not worry about it. Rottnest Island offers disabled facilities on the island such as a fully accredited Changing Place facility and wheelchair friendly accommodation options. Wheelchairs, Beach Wheelchairs, electric scooters and hand propelled disability bikes are available for hire, there is also a wheelchair accessible shuttle bus for access to and from the ferries along with an accessible Hop on and Hop off Explorer Bus. There are accessible shops and eateries in the main part of the island where we stopped for a bite to eat and of cause picked up a few souvenirs before catching our return Rottnest Express ferry off the Island. To find out more about Rottnest Islands accessibility checkout their disability access page here.

Rottnest Island Accessibility Video
Accessible Features On Rottnest Island

Accessible Ferry Transfers: Yes

Step Free Pathways: Yes

Wheelchair Accessible Bus Tour: Yes

Step Free Cafes/Restaurants: Yes

Accessible Shop Access: Yes

Accessible Walking Tours: Yes

Accessible Toilets/Change Rooms: Yes

Accessible Overnight Accommodation: Yes

Mobility Equipment Hire: Yes

Accessible Hop on Hop Off Bus: Yes

Accessible Ferry Shuttle Bus: Yes

Museum Access: Yes (Via Back Door Access Only)

 In my opinion I give Rottnest Island a rating of 4.5 for wheelchair accessibility,  and  a rating of 4.5 stars for the overall experience.

wheelchair access rating 4.5

* I was not financially compensated for this review. The review is based on my own opinion and personal experience.*