Wheelchair accessible travel information for Melbourne, including wheelchair accessible transport, accommodation and activity reviews for Melbourne CBD, Melbourne Theatre and more.

I have had a number of trips and adventures to Melbourne. We have always stayed in the Melbourne CBD area in the heart of Melbourne. Melbourne has a lot of older buildings in the city which are mostly still inaccessible to wheelchair users. A lot of clubs, pubs, restaurants, hotels and shops are still inaccessible in the City due to steps. Footpath access on side streets are restricted within Melbourne CBD due to narrow walk ways and path ways. Larger footpaths are located on the main streets with better access for wheelchair users. Most major tourist attractions and activities are wheelchair accessible within Melbourne City. Even though Melbourne CBD wheelchair access is restricted there is still a lot to see and do within Melbourne and wheelchair access becomes easier away from the CBD towards newer infrastructure.

Check out the categories below for information regarding Melbourne wheelchair access and reviews on my own personal experiences on wheelchair accessibility for destinations and activities within Melbourne.


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