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Wheelchair Accessible Tram 96

There are many Tram services throughout Melbourne. However, not all Trams are wheelchair accessible. Tram 96 in Melbourne is a wheelchair accessible Tram. I find catching Tram 96 the easiest way to travel around Melbourne CBD. This Tram is on the Free Tram Zone. Passengers can travel within this zone for free from Batman park Station to Parliament Station and return.

All stops in the free tram zone on route 96 are wheelchair accessible. All other stops are also wheelchair accessible on this line apart from station Canterbury Road. Click on the route 96 station map below to refer to accessible stations. Each accessible station is listed as a level access stop..

Tram 96 is classified as an accessible Tram route, therefore most if not all 96 Trams should be accessible on this route, if not, they run every 10 minutes, so the next Tram coming on this route should allow wheelchair access.

The first and last carriage on the Tram is wheelchair accessible. Each accessible carriage door is labelled with the blue wheelchair logo, and there is a blue accessible button to allow wheelchair passengers longer boarding time before the doors close.

There is a slight lip and gap to board the Tram, but most wheelchairs should roll over it without a problem. I am able to get on and off the Tram without any assistance or difficulty. Inside the Tram is an assigned wheelchair seating area with a lowered intercom to contact the driver and a blue button to indicate when the wheelchair user is getting off to allow extra time.

tram 96 gap
Tram Entry Gap
accessible tram 96 access
Designated Wheelchair Seating Area

Wheelchair Accessible Tram Routes 19 and 109

More than 130 accessible Trams are on the Melbourne Tram network. However, this is only a small percentage compared to the number of Trams servicing Melbourne. Routes 19 and 109 are also serviced by wheelchair accessible Trams, but not all stops are accessible on these routes even though they are serviced by accessible Low Floor Trams. Click the Route numbers below to view the map to which stops are accessible on Tram 19 and Tram 109.

Partly Serviced Accessible Trams

Routes 5, 6, 11, 16, 48, 58, 72 and 86 are partly serviced by accessible Trams, but there is no certainty there will be an accessible Tram when passengers need it on these lines.

Not all Melbourne Tram stations are wheelchair accessible, so it is a good idea to also double check if the stop is accessible even if it’s serviced by a Low Floor accessible Tram. There are still many older Trams servicing the Melbourne Tram network. Sadly these Trams are not wheelchair friendly and have a number of steps.

For more information regarding the Melbourne Tram network and accessibility, please check out the PTV website at

In my opinion, I give the Melbourne Tram Network a rating of 4 for wheelchair accessibility for the Trams routes and stops that allow wheelchair access. However, due to the limited number of actual wheelchair accessible Tram routes and stops available, I give the overall accessibility and service a rating of 2.5.

wheelchair access rating 4

* I was not financially compensated for this review. The review is based on my own opinion and personal experience.*


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