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All Trains on the Melbourne Metro Train Network are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair passengers must board the train from the front of the train behind the driver. The train driver will place a ramp down for passengers to board and exit the train. Wheelchair passengers must inform the driver which station they wish to go to so the driver can place the ramp down at their destination.

There are wheelchair seating spots in the front accessible carriage which are marked with the wheelchair logo.

Melbourne accessible trains

Accessible Melbourne Train Stations

All Melbourne train stations are wheelchair accessible via lift or ramp access, apart from Heyington station.

Most stations have signage on the ground labelling the wheelchair boarding area, if the stations do not have signage, you must wait at the end of the platform towards the front of the train and where the driver is located. When I first went to MelbourneI was unaware I had to board from the front as the process is different in Brisbane. Because I wasn’t waiting in the correct area the train left without us, so waiting at the first carriage is very important.

Melbourne transport trains wheelie accessible adventures

Major stations like Southern cross station and Flinders Street station can be a little confusing, so if passengers are new to the station, it’s sometimes easier to ask where the lifts are and which platform to wait on. Most major stations have staff that are able to assist. 

Victoria public transport accepts the Carer Companion card for carers to get free entry onto the trains. Train fares are paid via a myki card which can be purchased from selected stations and all 7 eleven stores around Melbourne. 

Accessible Tram stops To Southern Cross and Flinders Street Station

Accessible Tram 96 stops right outside of Southern Cross train station. Unfortunately, there are currently no accessible trams that stop outside Flinders Street Train Station. However, passengers can stop at Batman Park on Tram 96, or at Collins Street stops on Trams 19 and 109 and walk to Flinders Station. Older non-accessible Trams still run on all other routes. Trams 96, 19 and 109 are meant to be accessible Trams, but not all stops are wheelchair accessible. You can read more about accessible Melbourne CBD Trams here.

For more information about Melbourne train accessibility, visit the Metro access page here.

 In my opinion, I give Melbourne Metro Trains a rating of 4 for wheelchair accessibility and a 3.5 star rating for overall service.

wheelchair access rating 4

* I was not financially compensated for this review. The review is based on my own opinion and personal experience.*