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Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Jamala Wildlife Lodge Wheelchair Access Review

For my 30th birthday we stayed overnight at The National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra at the Jamala Wildlife Lodge.

Wow what a special experience it was! The Jamala Wildlife Lodge is a five star African adventure. From the time we walked through the doors we felt like we were in Africa with all the African décor, carvings and African music. The service from the staff was fantastic and we all felt like African queens from the moment we arrived.

We were greeted by the reception staff and then escorted to the Ushaka Lodge area through the accessible entrance past the meerkats. At the Ushaka Lodge we were welcomed by other guests and served delicious morning tea. All food and drinks were included, and mum said the coffee was one of the best coffees she had ever had! There was a huge selection of delicious food, ranging from fruit to mini burgers.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge Coffee
Jamala Wildlife Lodge Ushaka
Jamala Wildlife Lodge Menu

Jamala's Solo And Zama

After filling up on food everyone moved outside to meet the beautiful cheetah cub Solo and his best mate Zama. The story between the cheetah cub and his doggy friend is amazing , and how two different species share such a wonderful bond.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge cheetah
Jamala Wildlife Lodge dog
Jamala Wildlife Lodge cheetah solo

Jamala Afternoon Accessible Tour

After the cheetah talk we went on the afternoon tour. The group was separated in two, with the wheelchairs and scooter users remaining in the one group. A few of the older people in our tour group decided to use a scooter for the tour as there is a fair amount of walking. Myself and another young lady in our group were both full time wheelchair users.

The tour was completely accessible and we were able to access all areas of the tour without difficulty.

Our zoo keeper tour guide was fantastic, she was very friendly and knowledgeable, and had a real passion and love for all the animals at the zoo.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge afternoon tour
Jamala morning tour accessible 1
Jamala Wildlife Lodge afternoon tour.2

White Lion Encounter

After the tour we were lucky enough to meet the white lion. The white lion encounter is not included in the Jamala experience and needed to be purchased separately through The National Zoo and Aquarium. To read more about The National Zoo and Aquarium and the encounter please click here.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge Lion encounter 2
Jamala Wildlife Lodge Wheelie Accessible Adventures 4
Jamala Wildlife Lodge Lion encounter

Wild Encounter Suite

After the amazing lion encounter we made our way to our room. We were staying in the Wild Encounter Suite. The Wild Encounter Suite is located in the Ushaka Lodge and has been recently upgraded and now is home to the meerkats.

When we arrived to our Suite we were lucky enough to see the keeper feeding them. They were very cute and cheeky. We were very excited to have them as our neighbours for the night.

Jamala Wild Encounter Suite Meerkats
Jamala Wild Encounter Suite Meerkats 2
Jamala Wild Encounter Suite Meerkats 3

The Suite was beautiful and African themed. As we entered the room we were greeted with the sound of African music. On the bed sat a gift from Jamala, a stuffed cheetah with a note wishing me a happy birthday!

Wild Encounter Suite Wheelchair Access

The Wild Encounter Suite isn’t classified as an accessible room. But the main area is step free and is large enough for wheelchair access. There is a sharp corner to navigate from the main door to the bedroom but most wheelchairs should manage this ok. I think larger wheelchairs might find it a bit difficult.

The bathroom is step free with a walk in shower. There is no hand rail or shower stool available. Since I was only staying the night I didn’t request a shower chair but I am sure Jamala would provide one if requested.

The second bedroom in the Wild Encounter Suite is down a flight of stairs. Nicky had this room and I didn’t have much need to go in there, so this didn’t bother us,

There is a step out onto the patio area to get to the meerkats enclosure from inside the room. To get out near the meerkat enclosure I had to go the long way around, out the Suite front door and through the Ushaka Lodge. But because we could see the meerkats from the large glass doors in our room we didn’t really need to go outside, but it would have been a nice option.

The bed itself was very high. The Wild Encounter Suite suited us fine and we were able to manage the room without to much trouble even though it wasn’t an accessible room.

In-room Access

Official wheelchair access room: No (only available in Lemur rooms)

Open plan In room accessibility: Yes

Wide doorways: No

Bathroom with hand rails: No

Toilet access: Yes

Roll in shower.: No (step free walk in shower)

Shower chair available: No

Side bed access: Yes (Very high bed)

Step free : No (Large Step to patio and stairs to bedroom #2)

Jamala Wildlife Lodge Wheelchair Accessible Room options

Jamala  Wildlife Lodge does offer two official wheelchair accessible rooms which are the lemur rooms in Ushaka Lodge.

Unfortunately though these rooms can only accommodate a max of 2 people, so those rooms weren’t an option for us. The other young lady who also used a wheelchair was also unable to stay in an accessible room because like us she was traveling with more then 2 people.

At the time of booking our stay at Jamala wildlife Lodge I did have my heart set on staying in a Jungle Bungalow. The bungalows are home to the Lions, Tigers, Cheetah  and Sun bears. Sadly I was informed the Jungle Bungalows are not wheelchair accessible. The lion bungalow is step free but because its located in the middle of the zoo a bus must take all guests back to the bungalows at night after dinner due to safety, and unfortunately that bus isn’t wheelchair accessible. The Giraffe Treehouses are also not wheelchair friendly and have a number of steps.

I was informed our step free room options were the Wild Encounter Room 1, Wild Encounter Suite and the Reef Room. We decided to go with the Wild Encounter Suite because it was a little bigger.

Even though I would of loved to have stayed in a bungalow I really enjoyed our stay in the Wild Encounter Suite. I feel whichever room you stay in at Jamala Wildlife Lodge will be an unforgettable African getaway.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge Dinning

That night we made our way to the pre dinner drinks. We relaxed by the fire with the sounds of the lions roaring.

We were met with the hyenas during our drinks before we moved into the dining area. The dinning area was beautifully laid out and we were all seated in order via our room type. The silver service dinner was fantastic, and the staff were outstanding.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge Dinning
Jamala Wildlife Lodge Wheelie Accessible Adventures 2
Jamala Wildlife Lodge Wheelie Accessible Adventures

Jamala Morning Tour

The next morning we awoke to our cheeky meerkat neighbours, and made our way down to breakfast through the Aquarium.

Breakfast was amazing of cause, and we left there with full bellies and a smile on our face ready for the morning tour. The morning tour was different to the previous afternoon tour. The morning tour was more of a behind the scenes tour of the zoo before it is open to the public. Our group was divided into the same group of people from the afternoon tour along with the same zoo keeper. The morning tour was a lot of fun, and we got to feed a few different animals.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge morning tour.
Jamala morning tour accessible 2
Jamala Wildlife Lodge morning tour. 3

The tour was completely accessible again, except until the very end. Sadly those in wheelchairs weren’t allowed to visit the rhinos  due to the rhino not liking wheels. While the other guests continued on we finished our tour there. We spent the rest of the time looking around the zoo ourselves until checkout time.

The Jamala Wildlife Lodge is privately owned and funds from Jamala Wildlife Lodge go back into the zoo. The funds from Jamala helps care for the animals at the zoo and also supports the conservation work and education programs they do within the zoo. By staying at Jamala Wildlife Lodge, guests are supporting the National Zoo And Aquarium and all of their animals.

We had a fabulous time staying at Jamala Wildlife Lodge. It was a very special birthday and I am so happy we spent it a Jamala which made it even more special.

Thank you Jamala for a magical African experience!!

Venue Access

Accessible parking: Yes

Step free access: Yes

Wide entryways: Yes

Accessible bathrooms: Yes

Interior accessibility: Yes

Flat pathways : Yes

 In my opinion I give Jamala Wildlife Lodge a rating of 4 for wheelchair accessibility,  and  a rating of 5 stars for the overall service and experience .

wheelchair access rating 4

* I was not financially compensated for this review. The review is based on my own opinion and personal experience.*