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Wheelchair Access Hobart

We had a Wheelie Accessible Adventure in Hobart. We had always wanted to visit Tasmania, and we are so glad we did! I had an amazing time and enjoyed every moment of our trip. I had heard mixed reviews about Tasmania and accessibility, so I wasn’t sure how accessible it was going to be. But I was rather impressed with the wheelchair access at all the places we visited.

We flew with Qantas from Brisbane with a stop over in Melbourne. Our flight went fairly smoothly until we reached Hobart and discovered I had a flat tire. To read my full review on the flight please click here.

During our 5 days in Hobart we stayed at the RACV/RACT Hobart Apartments in an accessible room. Click here for full review on RACV/RACT Hobart Apartments.

Wheelchair Accessible Transport In Hobart

Public Transport seems to be very limited in Hobart. There are no trains, so the only options are via bus or car.

Our Apartment was located in a great spot in Hobart City, and because of this we were able to walk everywhere where we wanted to go within the city. We didn’t have any need to catch any public buses in Hobart, so I am unable to comment on their accessibility.

We also wanted to visit a few places outside of Hobart, such as the Port Arthur Historic Site. After a lot of investigating we found the only tour company that has an accessible shuttle bus to Port Arthur is Grayline tours. Sadly the accessible bus wasn’t available for our dates. Because of the limited transport we decided to rent a car during our stay. To read my full review on transport to Port Arthur and Tasmania transport options including wheelchair car rentals please click here.

Hobart City Accessibility

A lot of the older buildings in and around Hobart are not accessible, but this was to be expected. We stayed clear of the older buildings and shop fronts that had stairs

I found the city overall very accessible. I actually found the footpaths around the city a lot more accessible then most major cities like Melbourne CBD. Hobart footpaths were well maintained and very flat. There was no part during our stay in Hobart were the footpaths caused any access issues.

Shopping and Dining Wheelchair Access Hobart City

We did some shopping at the Cat and Fiddle arcade. The shopping center is located in the heart of Hobart City, and is only a short walk from our hotel. The Cat and Fiddle is fully accessible.

We had dinner at Hogs breath Hobart one night, which was just a short walk up the road from where we were staying. Hogs breath Hobart is wheelchair accessible, but it was a little squishy for the wheelchair due to the table layout and being a very busy night. They did have some trouble deciding on an appropriate table for a wheelchair. We did have to ask to be moved the 1st time when we were seated as they put us in the door way where the waiters walk out of the kitchen. We were only sitting down for about 2 minutes before someone walked into us. They then re-seated us to a much safer table. The food at Hogs Breath Hobart was very nice, and the staff were friendly.

On another night we had fish and chips at fish Frenzy. It is located on the docks near the boating yard. The sea food was amazing and It is wheelchair accessible. There are a number of restaurants and cafes around the wharf and at Brooke st pier. Brooke st Pier is fully wheelchair accessible with disabled facilities.

Accessible Activities In Hobart and Port Arthur

Our 5 day trip to Tasmania was so much fun. There were so many things to see and do. Sadly we didn’t get to see everything during our stay, but this just gives us a good excuse to go back doesn’t it!  While in Hobart we sadly ran out of time to visit the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, The Maritime Museum of Tasmania and the Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum. But I believe they are all wheelchair friendly.

We did however visit some amazing places during our trip such as Zoodoo Zoo and  Port Arthur. And on the last day of our trip we were able to do a beautiful lunch cruise on Peppermint Bay Cruises, which departs from Brooke st pier. For a full accessible review on these places please click below.

Zoodoo Zoo

I absolutely love visiting zoos, so of cause we had to visit a zoo while we were in Hobart. We decided on zoodoo zoo as it was only 20 minutes away by car. Zoodoo zoo was fantastic! And very wheelchair friendly.

Port Arthur

We really wanted to visit port Arthur while we were in Tasmania. Port Arthur is about an 1 hour 30min drive from Hobart. Port Arthur is the home to the Port Arthur Historic Site, The Lavender Farm, and Pirates Bay.

Peppermint Bay Cruises

We were lucky enough to do a lunch cruise on peppermint Bay Cruises while we were in Hobart . The Peppermint Bay Cruises are fully wheelchair accessible and departs from Brooke st pier which is also fully wheelchair accessible.

In my opinion I give Hobart City a rating of 4 for wheelchair accessibility

wheelchair access rating 4

* I was not financially compensated for this review. The review is based on my own opinion and personal experience.*