My friend Frida from Sweden who is also a fellow JDM warrior (same disease as mine) recently visited London for the first time with her friend Stina. In support of Wheelie Accessible Adventures she has kindly shared her London adventure with us!

Frida’s London Adventure

We flew to Heathrow Airport from Sweden on 31st of July and stayed in London for 5 days and 4 nights. Our party consisted of two wheelchair users and 3 assistants. We did a lot of sightseeing during our visit which included The London bridge, Westminster abbey, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street. We did a lot of walking and of cause shopping during our visit! We also visited the Sea Life aquarium and the London Eye which are both fully wheelchair accessible attractions. One thing that was a big plus is that London had A LOT of gluten free food available! This was fantastic as my friend that I traveled with has a gluten allergy.

Frida Marble Arch

Royal National Hotel

We stayed at the Royal National Hotel. The hotel offered a number of rooms and the people who stayed there seemed happy about their accommodation. The price was reasonable at 110 pounds (one pound is about nine Swedish crowns) The location of the hotel was kind of close to everything, but we Swedish do like to walk great distances! One minus about the hotel was that our room was a non-accessible room and it was so small that I couldn’t fit my small wheelchair in the bathroom! Fortunately my friend Stina who is also in a wheelchair had a wheelchair accessible room next door, with a connecting door to our room I was able to use their bathroom. The accessible room was a good size with great wheelchair access!

Click here to visit the Royal National Hotel Website.

Buckingham Palace

We went to both Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park on the same day.  We went by taxi from our hotel to the marble arch where we took lots of photos . Unfortunately we couldn’t see that much at Buckingham Palace from the outside because there were so many people, but they do offer wheelchair accessible tours of the palace which is a great option for those wishing to look inside . 

Frida Buckingham Palace

Hyde Park

After visiting Buckingham Palace we went to Hyde Park and visited Princess Dianas Memorial Fountain! It was so beautiful there with all the roses by the lake. We bought ice-cream at a little shop on the way to the fountain. Unfortunately the Memorial Fountain was down a long uneven walking path, and being a lightweight person I was close to falling out of my wheelchair while traveling down the path! It was so steep that my assistant Sophia had to hold my left shoulder when we went down.

Princess Dianas Memorial Walk

Westminster Abbey

When visiting Westminster Abbey we were allowed to jump the queue and go through the line of people waiting to enter the church as wheelchair users and their carers are granted free entry! We were also supplied audioguides free of charge. While In the church there were no photographs allowed. The building itself was OLD and I understand that not every door space was handicap accessible. For an example there were stairs up into the Queens burial chamber. But all in all we had such a great time exploring Westminster Abbey!

Frida Westminster Abbey

London Eye

One evening we decided to take a ride on the giant London Eye which is fully wheelchair accessible! We could see everything from up there from the parliament to Big Ben which was surrounded in scaffolding but was still so powerful and mighty. The ride took about 30 minutes which gave us plenty of time to view London from above.

Frida London Eye

The London Bridge Experience

While walking under the London Bridge a man who worked for the London Bridge Experience recommended we take the tour! We had previously searched on the web and found The London Dungeon tour, but since we had two wheelchairs (me and my friend Stina) it wasn’t an option because only ONE wheelchair could go through every fifteen minutes! so the London Bridge Experience was a great alternative. We went on tour at both the entry floor levels and down below via an elevator. The first floor wasn’t that exciting, and was mostly about London bridge history. The second floor was so freaking scary because it was a haunted house! We screamed a lot, we laughed even more and yelled at the people that performed the scary stuff! We had such a great time.

London bridge fridas london adventure

London Accessible Taxis

Even though us Swedish love to walk, on a few occasions during our London adventure we did have to catch an accessible taxi. The London wheelchair taxi cabs are brilliant and well setup to accommodate wheelchairs users and their companions

London taxi

We all had such a fun time in London during our stay. The people were friendly, the food was great and most importantly most areas and attractions we visited around London were wheelchair friendly. We look forward to visiting London again soon in the future.

Thank you Frida for sharing your London adventure with us at Wheelie Accessible Adventures.

wheelchair access rating 4.5

* Frida was not financially compensated for this review. The review is based on my Fridas opinion and personal experience.*


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