Cockington Green Gardens

Cockington Green Gardens Canberra

Wheelchair Access Review
While in Canberra we decided to visit the Cockington Green Gardens. It was a beautiful sunny day in Canberra and was perfect weather to explore the gardens.
The Cockington Green Gardens are wheelchair accessible. The main building entrance into the Gardens is up several steps, therefore wheelchair access is via the side gate.
When we arrived, we had to inform the ladies at the reception we needed wheelchair access, they were more than happy to unlock the side gate for us and lead us around the back to the main building and ticketing area, The staff were all very friendly and helpful which created a warm and welcoming atmosphere within the gardens,
The Cockington Green Gardens pathways are completely flat and step free. The paths are wide, and sections are either cemented or made of compressed dirt. The pathways are level and easy to navigate for wheelchair users, however towards the end is a fairly steep hill, but this can be bypassed.

Among the colourful flowers sit a collection of miniature displays made of little figures, buildings and scenes from Great Britain. There are a variety of displays spread throughout the miniature gardens. Each display is created by hand and has its own little story.

Displays include little English cottages, cricket fields, train stations and so much more!

Cockington Green Gardens 2
Cockington Green Gardens 1

The Cockington Green Gardens are well looked after and maintained by the gardeners and staff, and it was common to see the gardeners trimming and attending to the displays during our visit.

Cockington Green Gardens 4
Cockington Green Gardens 3

Further down the path is the International Display, a collection of miniature replicas of landmark buildings from around the world. Each country has its own interesting fact about the landmark and how it was created.

Cockington Green Gardens 5
Cockington Green Gardens 6

The Cockington Green Gardens has an accessible toilet located on site along with two accessible gift shops. The Parsons Nose Cafe is wheelchair accessible and is known for its famous home-made scones. They also offer family friendly miniature steam train rides around the gardens, but unfortunately, this isn’t wheelchair accessible.

Accessible Features

Accessible Parking: Yes

Step Free Access: Yes (Side Door Access Only)

Wide Entryways/Pathways: Yes

Step Free Entryways/Pathways: Yes

Accessible Gift Shop Access: Yes

Accessible Cafe Access: Yes

Accessible Toilet: Yes

Accessible Viewing Areas: Yes

Accessible Train Ride: No

We had a lovely accessible visit at the Cockington Greens Gardens. The gardens are well setup, and the mini displays are very beautiful and cleverly created!

If you are looking for a relaxing accessible activity to do while in Canberra, why not check out the Cockington Green Gardens.

Cockington Green Gardens Details

Address: 11 Gold Creek Rd, Nicholls ACT 2913

 In my opinion I give Cockington Green Gardens a rating of 4 for wheelchair accessibility,  and  a rating of 4.5 stars for the overall experience .

wheelchair access rating 4

* I was not financially compensated for this review. The review is based on my own opinion and personal experience.*


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