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Brisbane Bus Network Accessibility

Wheelchair Access Information

The Brisbane City Council bus network is now serviced by fully wheelchair accessible buses throughout Brisbane. The non-accessible buses that once serviced the network have now been replaced with low-floor buses to allow level access through the front door instead of steps.

When boarding with a wheelchair, the driver lowers a ramp at the front of the bus for wheelchair access.
The Brisbane City Council buses are electrically lowered at the front to allow easy access for when the ramp is lowered. Buses have two assigned spaces for wheelchairs and mobility aids on each side of the bus towards the front.

Note Mobility aids must not exceed 130cm long, 80cm wide and max 300kg.

Brisbane city buses ramp
Brisbane city buses wheelchair seating

I am excited to hear the Brisbane City Council has now replaced those older buses with the accessible ones throughout Brisbane. I am pleased to see Brisbane focusing on a more accessible public transport network and building on an accessible future.

Traveling On Board And Being Prepared

Even with an accessible service, things aren’t always smooth sailing. We have still had a few incidents where the buses have been full, and we have been unable to board. If it’s at a peak time this is no huge issue, and typically another bus isn’t too far away. But it does become frustrating when the wait is relatively long and the assigned wheelchair seating is full by people who don’t require it and who rush on board in front of you.

Unfortunately, the reality is, when catching any sort of public transport, make sure to give yourself plenty of time just in case things don’t go to plan, and you are left waiting for the next service.
Depending on the bus driver, some bus journeys can be a bit rough. I have had my wheelchair start sliding even with my breaks on. It is a good idea to try and secure yourself as best as possible to avoid from sliding or even tipping. If it’s a particularly rough journey, it’s best to remind the bus driver nicely that a wheelchair is on board.

Bus Stop Accessibility Upgrades

Not all Brisbane City Bus Stops are easily wheelchair accessible. Most major bus stops have easy access stops, but several smaller bus stops, particularly in the suburbs have limited access. Some wheelchair users might require assistance at stops that are on un-level ground and have other obstacles that might restrict easy access throughout Brisbane.
The Council is reviewing Brisbane’s bus stops to determine which stops need an upgrade to improve accessibility. The accessible bus stop upgrades around Brisbane are meant to be complete by 2022.

Purchasing Tickets

The Brisbane City Council accepts the Carer companion card for carers to travel free on all public transport. Paper Tickets can be purchased on the bus from the driver or via a Tap on Tap off Translink Go Card. For more information regarding Brisbane City Council bus accessibility and services, please head over to the Brisbane City Council and Translink websites.

 In my opinion, I give the Brisbane City Council Bus Network a rating of 4 for wheelchair accessibility and a rating of 3 stars for the overall experience.

wheelchair access rating 4

* I was not financially compensated for this review. The review is based on my own opinion and personal experience.*


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