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Wheelchair Accessible Brisbane CityCats

Wheelchair Access Information

Brisbane River Citycats are fully wheelchair accessible. Access on and off the ferry is via a ramp, and Terminals are either accessible by ramp or lift. The CityCats have large wheelchair seating spaces inside the ferry and areas on the deck if you wish to sit outside. All CityCat ferries have free WiF.

Brisbane citycat access

Bretts Wharf

Brisbane citycat access 2

Brisbane Citycat Wheelchair Seating

Most ferry services run every 15 – 20 minutes. Tickets for Citycats journeys can be purchased on board by cash, or via a Translink Go Card, the Carer Companion Card is also accepted for free travel for carers. All single paper tickets will last 2 hours, after that, a return ticket will need to be purchased.

Boarding The Citycat Ferry

Boarding the Citycat is via a wide ramp, making it step free and very accessible to get on and off. Since the 2011 floods, most ferry Terminals on the Brisbane river were rebuilt, and now most are fully accessible for wheelchairs. Please click here to view the accessible ferry network map for the list of accessible terminals.

Apollo Road, Guyatt Park and Southbank Terminal 1 and 2 are listed as assisted wheelchair access. However, I can confirm Southbank Terminals are wheelchair accessible. I think maybe the ramp is a little steeper and depends on the tide; therefore, it is listed as assisted access even though it’s still step free. I don’t have any trouble with getting on and off at the Southbank Ferry Terminal.

Brisbane citycat wheelchair access

Bretts Wharf Ferry Terminal Ramp

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Southbank Boarding Ramp

The Brisbane Citycats are not just wheelchair accessible but are also a lot of fun! Cruising the Brisbane River and soaking in the views of our incredible city is a great way to get around Brisbane barrier free. 

For more information on the Brisbane Ferry service head over to the Translink website at

Please Note the City Hopper and Cross River Ferry are not wheelchair accessible.

 In my opinion, I give the Brisbane Citycat Ferries a rating of 4.5 for wheelchair accessibility and a rating of 4.5 stars for the overall experience.

wheelchair access rating 4.5

* I was not financially compensated for this review. The review is based on my own opinion and personal experience.*