About Me


Hi everyone. Thank you for visiting Wheelie Accessible Adventures. My name is Jo, and I live in Brisbane Australia.
I started using a wheelchair around age 6 after I was diagnosed with a rare muscle disease called Juvenile Dermatomyositis. I now use an electric wheelchair full time.
I am an Artist. I love to paint nature, including landscapes and animals.

I also really enjoy traveling and going to new places in Australia with my amazing mum and wonderful best friend Nicky. We are always out and about or planning our next adventure together. But sometimes traveling isn’t as easy when your in a wheelchair, and along the way you run into a lot of obstacles. Even though we would love to be able to just get up and go, we have learnt that we always need to plan ahead as access isn’t always available to those in wheelchairs.
A lot of phone calls and emails go into organizing our adventures to ensure access is available. Information online is a great help, but sometimes access information just isn’t available for everyone’s needs. So we decided to create this website to help share information about accessibility.

I am passionate about equality and believe access should be available too all. My love for traveling and visiting new places has inspired me to study Travel and Tourism and I hope my knowledge gained from my studies will benefit those with mobility issues wishing to travel or visit new places. By incorporating my knowledge to this website by sharing and reviewing my accessible travels with you will hopefully help others on their next Wheelie Accessible Adventure.

To learn more about my art journey please scroll below to link you to my painting website.

wheelie accessible adventures about me
To read more about my disease and diagnoses story view
My Life After Juvenile Dermatomyositis article on Myositis Association Australia

Jo Morris Paintings